All Persons who want to participate in the Congress should fill out the Participation Form Νo 1 and send it to the Congress Secretariat (


In the category (a) are included the presentation of original academic Papers by Invited Speakers (30 min. duration).
These Papers will address particular issues (mentioned in Plenary Sessions and Symposia), evaluate research undertaken in connection with the subject they investigate, and provide an overview and synthesis of various philosophical approaches related to the topic of research.
Participants who wish to be considered for this category should express their interest promptly and state their preferences concerning the topic they wish to deal with, and send all the necessary information (a detailed Curriculum Vitae and a substantive Abstract of their paper) to the Organizing Committee by 31st of May 2016 or earlier
Persons interested in being considered for designation as Invited Speakers should also fill in Template Participation Form Νo 2, Template for Abstract and Paper N 5 and send out to the Organizing Committee (
The Organising Committee will cover the cost of board and accommodation for Invited Speakers during the days of the Conference. In addition, Invited Speakers may attend all Conference activities without paying any fees (this of course does not apply to the persons accompanying them).

  • CATEGORY B: The presentation of original academic Papers (20 min. duration).
  • CATEGORY C: Short presentation of papers (15 min. duration).
  • CATEGORY D: The presentation of papers by graduate and Post-graduate Students (10 minutes duration) and by PhD. Candidates (15 min. duration) (Student Session).
  • CATEGORY E:: Poster Sessions

Persons interested in presenting a paper in above categories should fill in the Template Participation Form Νo 1 and the relevant Template Abstract Form or Template Abstract and Paper Form and send out to the Organizing Committee (
by 31st of March 2016 or earlier.

Procedures for paper submittal, presentation and publication

i. An abstract of the paper of 500-600 words is required (More extended Abstracts are required by Invited Speakers). This Abstract will be printed in the Congress program. It allows all participants to know beforehand the subject of the paper. 
ii. The length of the paper to be presented must not exceed the time limit allocated for its reading (or for the presentation time of the paper). For instance, a 20 minute presentation will be approximately 2400 words. The time limit is strictly enforced. Every paper must be read at a moderate normal pace. So, every Congress speaker must have ready a paper of the relevant extension. This paper for presentation must be submitted to the Congress Secretariat by 30 of May 2016 or earlier.
iii. The final version of the paper, submitted for review and publication, including footnotes and bibliography, should approximately be 15 double spaced pages (approximately 5,000-6,000 words).The Final Version of the paper may be submitted also by 30 of May 2016 (or earlier) or during the Congress or afterwards by the end of September 2016.